Industrial Plastics provide long term solutions for a variety of different industries. Our experience, custom capabilities and state of art equipment mean we are also able to offer customers the highest quality assurance on the market. 

Industrial Plastics can service any business that requires a solution in engineering, manufacturing, production or storage and operates in many industries including but not limited to, mining, food processing, energy, manufacturing, construction and marine. 


Mining Support Services/Activities
Slurry Transportation
Chemical Storage
Common products include chutes, launders, scrubbers, machine guards, geosynthetics and tanks


Water Treatment
Chemical Processing
Desalination Activities
Common products include aeration towers, desalination tanks and processing tanks

Food Processing

Supplement Processing
Commerical Refrigeration
Farming Activities
Common products include chemical and glycol tanks, geosynthetics, junctions, aftermarket parts and chopping boards


Pontoon Lining / Barnacle Protection
Water or Chemical Storage
Mirrors and Guards
Common products include geosynthetics, water and holding tanks


Pond Lining
Soil Stabilsation
Common products include HDPE Liner, geotextile, geocell, geogrid and silt fence


Chemical Processing
Mining Support Activities
Food Processing
Common products include bunds, scrubbers, conveyors, machine guards and tanks

Water Treatment

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