Industrial Plastics Chemical ContainmentDesign and Fabrication of Custom Plastic Tanks and Containers

Chemically resistant and enduring integrity, DVS standards, Dual laminates available.

Industrial Plastics™ manufactures a huge range of custom tanks and chemical containment vessels. Previous projects with plastic tanks and containers have ranged in size from 20 litres to 100,000 litres, and we have material options that can generally accommodate most application requirements. Design life options range from ten to twenty-five years.

We are considered the best in the industry for fabricating plastic tanks and containers, and our Capability Statement will explain why.

Advantages of Fabricated Plastic Tanks and Containers:

  • Established comprehensive design codes
  • Chemical resistance
  • Corrosion / Rust  resistance
  • High strength / low weight
  • Low maintenance
  • Good impact resistance
  • Hygienic / food grade options
  • Enduring integrity/design life options
  • Versatility to suit individual needs

Variations include cylindrical tanks, slimline and reinforced rectangular tanks, conical bottom tanks, and self-supporting dipping tank/baths/bunds. We also fabricate dual laminate tanks, with chemically resistant liners and FRP exterior for containment of chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite. Tank liners can also be made to extend the life or refurbish stainless steel dipping tanks.

The Benefits of Tanks & Containers

Tanks and containers offer numerous benefits. They provide secure storage for liquids, gases, and solids, ensuring safe transport and easy handling. They facilitate efficient logistics, reducing product loss and contamination risks. Tanks enable bulk storage, minimizing space requirements. Containers enhance supply chain efficiency, enabling standardized handling and intermodal transportation. Overall, tanks and containers optimize operations in various industries.

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