Industrial Plastics service all fabricated pipework systems requirements for a variety of industries including mining and resource recovery, chemical manufacturing and water treatment. Our Technical Sales Team and Engineers can assist with end to end solutions, our services include:

  • System design and consulting
  • SiteReady pipework systems designed for fast installation on site
  • Offsite pipework fabrication
  • Fitting fabrication
  • Install of piping systems on site

Quality Guarantee

All of our pipework is fabricated to DVS 2007 and ISO 9001: 2015 standards to maximise product performance and ensure that our products exceed our market leading quality guarantee. All pipework is rigorously tested using various methods including pressure testing, spark testing and hydro testing before delivery to site. We have in house pressure and hydrostatic testing capabilties as well as MDR’s, all certified to ISO 9001: 2015. 

HDPE Piping Systems

Pipework Capabilities:

Industrial Plastics fabricates custom pipework for industrial applications. Common jobs include: 

  • Pipe spools and sets
  • HDPE piping fitting fabrication
  • Fitting and bolt assemblies (short and long spigot elbows, galvanised backing rings, stub flanges, PP coated backing rings, gaskets, tees) 
  • Plain ends
  • PVDF assemblies 
  • Pipe support hangers
  • Air intake & wash water assembly
  • Bended and moulded pipe
  • HDPE junctions

Industrial Plastics also offer accompanying products such as bunds, chemical storage tanks as well as chutes and launders.

SiteReady HDPE Piping Systems

Industrial piping systems are often complex, difficult and timely to complete butt welding on site. Our SiteReady piping systems are fabricated offsite and are designed specifically to minimise site installation requirements, reducing the time and cost of asset construction for industrial processing plants. Depending on the project requirements, our Technical Sales Team will recommend electrofusion or bolt together systems using flange joints to eliminate the need to butt weld on site. These joining methods simplify the install process by creating easy pipe joining solutions, with the additional advantage of reducing the skill requirement for site installers.


Industrial Plastics can fabricate all thermoforming plastics and engineering plastics that are used to manufacture piping systems. Common plastic piping systems are manufactured from plastics such as:

  • HDPE piping
  • High Pressure PE Pipe
  • PVC piping
  • Polypipe

Why Choose Industrial Plastics For Your Pipework

Industrial Plastics offers superior design and production services with advanced technical manufacturing capabilities for all pressure piping systems. Our cutting edge semi-automated pipework manufacturing machinery allows us to guarantee consistent product quality in the ISO9001 framework. 

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