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HDPE Chemical Tanks

  Hydrochloric Acid Tank

Chilled Water Tank

  Paste Hopper Module

Molasses Mix Tank

  HDPE Wash Box Funnels


Cylindrical Storage Tank

  HDPE Junctions


Air Intake & Wash Water Assembly

  Cylindrical Urea Storage Tank


Scrubber Chambers Skid

  Commercial Printer Covers


COVID-19 Service Counter Shields

  Geotextile Underlay


Industraline (HDPE Geomembrane Liner)

  1000L Water Tank


Hydrochloric Acid Tank


Reference Projects

Customer Description Material
   South Burnett Reg Council 110,000L cylindrical water storage tank, 15000mm high HDPE
   Xstrata Copper Mining launders 18.6M long HDPE with steel encasing
   Rio Tinto 70,650L bolt-together tank HDPE with polycarbonate viewports
Aquatec Maxcon 4010X4010X3900 steel reinforced sloped base tank HDPE with steel reinforcement
Burnie Council 10,000L cylindrical sodium hypochlorite tanks PVC-u
Goodman Fielder 9,000L conical top/bottom sauce storage tanks Polypropylene
Orica Water Care Self-bunded hypochlorite tanks PVC-u/FRP
Tyco Engineered Tanks chilled water tank diffuser Complex Piping Project
Leighton Contractors 53,800L cylindrical caustic tanks HDPE
Jellimbah Resources 4,000L conical slurry tank with internal ladder HDPE
ARA Nyrstar 95,000L sloped floor tank with anti-vortex plates HDPE
Applied Australia Multiple self-bunded processing tanks HDPE
Origin Energy CSG Ltd 26,300L false floor surge tanks HDPE
Tanks Solutions 10,000L dual laminate tanks PVC-u/FRP with incorporated HDPE bund
Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Large segmented mobile food process bins HDPE steel supported
Feedworks 40,000L self-bunded tank 5434mm high HDPE
Xstrata Zinc Mining launders (8) of varying lengths HDPE steel supported
Custom Chemicals 10,000L cylindrical chemical mixing tanks Polypropylene
Aqueous Solutions Clarifier and filter feed tanks HDPE
Triple Nine Stainless 15,000L cylindrical sloped floor, false base tank Polypropylene
Australian Refined Alloys 30,000L cylindrical process tank HDPE
Wiley and Co (Schweppes) 60,000L cylindrical tanks – 8,300mm high X 3,200mm diameter HDPE
Veolia Water 45,000L rectangular tank 7,000X3,500X1,900mm diameter HDPE
Leighton Contractors 47,000L cylindrical ammonia tanks HDPE
Ecolab 15,000L cylindrical nitric acid tanks PVC-u encased with HDPE

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