Scrubbers are a type of air pollution device that removes particulates and gases from exhaust streams. They are one of the primary devices used in industrial applications to control gaseous emissions, especially acidic gases.

Typically, they use liquid (predominately water) to wash out any unwanted particulate pollutants from the gas flow. Depending on the application, scrubbers are capable of removing solids, mists and gases simultaneously along with cooling.

Wet Industrial Scrubbers:

Wet industrial scrubbers are the most common form of scrubbing, wherein the target gases come into contact with the scrubbing solution. The scrubbing solution is then enclosed in a plastic holding tank and the contaminated gases are passed through the solution to absorb the contaminates.

Industrial Plastics scrubbers are fabricated in such a way that the maximum surface area of the scrubbing solution is exposed to the polluted gases. Exposing it to a larger surface area means more of the pollutants can be filtered from the gases.

One of the disadvantages traditional scrubbers have is a high potential for corrosion due to chemical exposure. However, when manufactured with plastics this problem is eliminated.

The end product of this scrubbing process usually involves the production of slurry waste, which is inconvenient to dispose of and recycle. In some cases, it can be converted into a useful product after further processing. Companies should understand their scrubbing process and analyse their by-products in order to find ways of disposing hazardous waste.Scrubber

Why Industrial Scrubbers?

With vast expertise in the fabrication of custom plastic tanks, we are capable of fabricating scrubbers to your desired requirements. Industrial scrubbers suppress the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere and help to protect the environment.

Industrial Plastics are capable of fabricating custom made dry and wet scrubbers. They are efficiently designed with no leaks to protect the community and workplace from chemical contamination. Please note, we are the manufacturer of scrubbers and do not engineer or design the product.


  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Safe handling of explosive and flammable gases
  • Compact design that is easily incorporated into existing systems
  • Gas absorption and dust collection in a single unit


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