Bespoke multi-service offsite fabricated solutions serving your project

Industrial Plastics prefabricated offsite plastic fabrication solutions will give you a clear advantage in today’s ever-changing and competitive marketplace.

Offsite Plastic Fabrication

How do we work?

Scope – client engagement and product development

Design – detailed design and coordination

Approval – design approved and delivery program agreed

Fabricate – solutions produced to detailed designs

Inspect – Implementation of agreed quality procedures to ISO 9001

Deliver – Delivery to site on time and on budget

Time Saving

By using Industrial Plastics fabrications services we aim to lower your project costs, reduce your on-site waste, improve quality throughout implementing ISO 9001, save you time and make sites safer.

Offsite Plastic Fabrication
Offsite Plastic Fabrication

Benefits Of Offsite Fabrication

Off-site fabrication, commonly referred to as modular or prefabrication construction, has many advantages in a variety of industries. First off, by cutting down on the amount of building time and on-site labour needed, it improves production and efficiency. Offsite fabrication makes it possible to work concurrently at several sites, reducing delays and accelerating project schedules.

Furthermore, because fabrication takes place in a controlled setting with strict adherence to standardised procedures, it guarantees constant quality control. As a result, there are fewer flaws in higher-quality products, which increases consumer satisfaction.

Thirdly, by reducing risks and accidents on-site, off-site fabrication improves safety. Workplace safety can be improved as a result of safer working conditions for employees who are less likely to sustain injuries.

Offsite fabrication also encourages sustainability because it lessens wasteful material use, energy use, and environmental effects related to conventional construction techniques.

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