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Industrial Plastics does all kinds of commercial plastic fabrication  From POS display, cabinets, model boxes, shop window cable display, silent salesmen, picture frames, lightboxes, and furniture components, to swimming pool fencing panels.

Although there are several other plastics that we also use for commercial plastic fabrication, the most popular by far are acrylic and polycarbonate.


Acrylic is one of the most versatile and common plastics seen in use on an everyday basis. What shop would be without some kind of acrylic point-of-sale display holder or acrylic shelf riser?  Who is not familiar with an acrylic menu holder or decorative acrylic lettering?

One of the reasons acrylic is so popular is its optical grade clarity and its superior strength compared to standard glass. These advantages, going hand-in-hand with associated cost savings and broad creative options, make acrylic an extremely popular choice across the board when it comes to commercial plastic fabrication. With the supply choices also including a large range of colours and finishes, it is hard to imagine its role as the staple of commercial display ever being eclipsed.

It is also used extensively in the making of models, furniture, prototypes, and 3D Art. We supply materials and commercial plastic fabrication services to a wide range of industries, including promotional, educational, shopfitting, laboratory, sign making and marine, as well as to the general public.

See some Sample Acrylic Colours.


Polycarbonate is sometimes referred to generically as Lexan. It has a much greater impact tolerance than acrylic, along with self-extinguishing properties. This makes it a good choice for commercial lightboxes, elevator light diffusers, security screens, and club facilities or external display boxes (where the risk of impact damage may be higher).

Industrial Plastics™ recommends and supplies only UV2 rated polycarbonate. This premium product incorporates an invisible layer of acrylic on the surface of the polycarbonate and with it the UV protection that acrylic affords. We encourage potential customers to ensure they are being quoted for the same quality of material if comparing prices for commercial plastic fabrication.

Very complex shapes can be cut using 3 Axis CNC routers or laser cutter.

Industrial Plastics™ has a designated division for acrylic and polycarbonate commercial plastic fabrication and can provide one-off samples or runs of thousands. Do not hesitate to contact us in regard to any questions you may have. Our design team is happy to assist.

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