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Industrial Plastics fabricate a wide range of aftermarket refrigeration parts for use as replacement parts in commercial appliances. Fabrications include parts for commercial refrigerators, freezers, guards/barriers and display cabinets. We specialise in manufacturing transparent and other plastic components such as refrigerator and freezer doors, deli dividers and guards. We also fabricate any custom part requirements at your request.

Industrial Plastics Aftermarket Plastic Parts Catalogue


Common replacement refrigeration parts

  • Sliding Doors and Lids – Deli Doors, Meat Cases, Freezer Lids or Bakery Boxes; Industrial Plastics can provide replacement parts for any of your pre-existing cabinets, cases or freezers.
  • Dividers – Commonly we produce Deli Case Dividers (XD12), Freezer Dividers (LV5H-1), Kysor Warren M3 Divider (KWM3), Meat Case Divider, System Divider and Produce Divider Shelves. Like the doors and lids, we can replicate popular model parts and fabricate custom dividers to suit any application.
  • Guards & Barriers – Common parts include Breeze Guards (XM20), Hussmann RHR Barriers, Meat Case Guard (M4 Meat Case Guard), Kysor Warren D6L Guard and Sneeze Guards.

Check our catalogue for more common refrigerator parts. If you can not find your required refrigeration parts in the catalogue, please contact our sales team which will assist you further.

Why Choose Us?

We currently work with Woolworths, supplying stores across Queensland and New South Wales with their custom and catalogue parts. Our modern production facility allows us to offer fully customised parts, with shorter lead times than genuine parts. Customers have the option to select the part and then customise the material type, thickness, and colour and add other manufacturing specialisations to the design such as a finger slot or lip.

Our capabilities allow for easy replication of standard Hussmann, Kysor Warren, Heatcraft, Baine Marie, Mc Alpine & Austral parts or custom designs to fit the same application.


We have also been ISO9001 accredited since 2008 meaning customers are confident that our refrigeration parts are high quality and deliver great savings. We pride ourselves on our short lead times and can deliver parts faster than our competitors. We have experienced designers ready to help you find a solution to any replacement parts made from glass, composites, engineering-grade plastics or any other typical materials that plastic can substitute. 

How to order

If you would like to order parts, please complete an aftermarket parts order form by clicking the image below. Please contact the sales team if you would like to trial our samples before placing an order.

Aftermarkets Part Order Form

Refrigeration parts

Material selection

The most common material selections include Acrylic for cold environment use (refrigerators and freezers) or Polycarbonate for warm environment use (hot display cases). These are most commonly supplied however, a number of colour options and mirrored acrylic are available.

Trouble finding your parts?

For customers unable to find their required parts in the catalogue, it is best if you can provide the original part to be replicated. You can drop off or mail the original part at our office at 731 Curtin Avenue East, Pinkenba, QLD, 4008. We understand that it is not always possible to deliver the original part, alternatively, you can trace the outline of the part and any specific features onto cardboard or paper and mail it to our office.

For more information about our aftermarkets capability, please contact us via [email protected] or call 1300 465 888.

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