Industrial Plastics Pty Ltd is a distributor of HDPE Pond Liners (Geomembranes). With our head office in Queensland and distribution hubs in Victoria and New South Wales (warehouses coming soon), we service the whole of Australia.

HDPE liners (Geomembranes) are produced from High-Density Polyethylene resin. The manufacturing process involves film-blowing, adding carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging, and UV-resistance components to form a sheet.

Material Specification:

  • Thickness: 0.5mm – 2.0mm
  • Width: 4.2mtr – 8mtr
  • * We can supply other widths but they are Special Order (MOQs apply) and have a longer lead time
  • Length: 50m-200mtr/ roll or as requested.
  • Material: HDPE
  • Colour: Black
  • Minimum order quantity: 290sqm

HDPE Pond Liners

HDPE Pond Liners (Geomembranes) are used to create waterproof impermeable barriers. The installation process involves rolling out large, pre-defined, HDPE Liner (Geomembrane) sheets and welding the edges.  In doing so you create an impermeable barrier that will keep the given media from leaking into the surrounding environment.

Why use HDPE Liner:

• Good flexibility for easy installation
• Operational temperature range: -70°C ~ 110°C
• Corrosion-resistant
• Excellent environmental stress cracking resistance properties
• High tensile strength and elongation

HDPE Pond Liners

HDPE Liners (Geomembrane) are resistant to various numbers and combinations of chemicals. The effect of chemicals on any material, not just HDPE Liners (Geomembranes), is influenced by a number of variable factors such as temperature, concentration, exposed area, and duration.

Applications can include:

• Landscape ponds
• Agriculture and irrigation
• Mining
• Landfill waste management
• Manure lagoons
• Water
• Energy

HDPE Pond Liners

HDPE Liner Brochure



Please also see our AquaSeal HDPE Tape. AquaSeal HDPE Jointing Tape is an environmentally friendly self adhesive waterproof sealant that compliments our geomembrane liner products. 

For further information or any technical assistance on your HDPE Liner (Geomembrane) project, please contact our technical sales team.

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