What are IBC Bunds

IBC Bunds are spill containment devices that are intended to safely store IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers) that are filled with chemicals. IBC’s are portable liquid containment tanks, most commonly used for transporting and storing liquid chemicals as pictured below.

IBC storage using bundsIndustrial Plastics’ bund systems work by creating a secondary containment system around the IBC to capture any spilled liquids. This allows for a safe and easy clean up process that protects property and staff from harm or injury. By forming a containment basin around the IBC, any spilled chemicals will be contained and can be easily pumped from the tap on the bottom of the basin. Customers are even able to reuse the spilled material!

Why you need to be using IBC Bunds

IBC bunds can save you money by mitigating the loss from large chemical spills and save time on the clean up. The bunds are often required by regulation in Australia due to the hazardous practice of storing chemicals. Check your requirements for storing chemicals in IBC’s to ensure you are compliant.

Chemical Spill Prevention using IBC Bunds


Customers use IBC bunds to safely store chemicals both indoors and outdoors. They are used as a means of protection for stored chemicals as they provide a physical barrier from vehicle collisions and other impacts as well as a secondary containment to mitigate the impact of a chemical spill. 

The bunds are crucial when storing IBC’s outdoors as they prevent the IBC and chemicals from being exposed to sunlight and other weather events, which damages the container or chemicals. 

IBC bunds are used widely to protect staff, machinery, equipment and the environment from the harmful effects of chemicals. Conversely, other methods of spill containment are time consuming and lead to lost productivity. 

IBC bunds protect your staff and equipment, allowing for fast clean up and preventing hazardous chemicals from damaging the environment. The plastic bunds are not for the safe storage of flammable liquids, as these require steel bunds. 

Why choose us?

Industrial Plastics’ custom IBC Bunds are extremely durable and versatile, meaning they can be used in various applications to store a wide range of toxic chemicals safely. The bunds are fabricated from HDPE sheeting, a strong and robust material that increases the products lifecycle. The HDPE design allows the product to be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, with the ability to withstand the harsh Australian climate for decades.

Our products last longer than our competitors because we use HDPE, a material that has a high strength-to-weight ratio making our fabrications lightweight and versatile. Conversely, our competitors use cheaper, less durable products. Purchasing these types of bunds will result in you having to buy the same product again in just a few short years. 


We fabricate generic and custom IBC Bund storage options in line with your site requirements. We also fabricate custom bunds for various other chemical containment options. Industrial Plastics ensures that all our bunds have excess capacity to store the entire contents of an IBC in the case of a puncture or large spill. 

Setting up the IBC Bund

To safely store the chemicals the bund is moved to the desired location using a forklift and fork tracks fabricated into the design for easy transport. Once the bund is in place, the IBC is then loaded into place on the bund using a forklift. Once the IBC is in place, the chemicals can be easily accessed using the tap on the bottom as the IBC remains elevated for easy access.

For more information on our IBC Bund capabilities, contact our team on 1300 465 888 or email [email protected] to see how we can help deliver a solution for your needs.



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