HDPE Geocells – Cellular Confinement Systems (CCS)

Industrial Plastics Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of HDPE Geocells. With our head office based in Queensland and distribution hubs in Victoria and New South Wales we service the whole of Australia.


Product Description

HDPE Geocells are honeycomb looking structures made from High-density polyethylene (HDPE). These are designed to be filled with soils, granular, and other infill materials. Geocells are prominently used in the construction industry for controlling erosion and soil stabilisation on flat and sloped terrains, such as dam constructions where HDPE Geomembranes are used. The perforated honeycomb structures when stretched are capable of providing stability by restricting the vertical and lateral movement of the infill material which in-turn prevents events such as landslides.

HDPE Geocells are manufactured with varying finishes and cell depths. 

  • Textured Geocells are popular for their increased frictional resistance and reduced lateral displacement of infill material.
  • Perforated HDPE Geocells are used to allow for easy draining of water along slopes.

Quality control measures ensure that the products supplied meet ASTM International standards. During the manufacturing process, HDPE Geocells are produced and welded using high-frequency ultrasonic technology for a strong configuration. 

The flexible nature of HDPE Geocells allows them to be folded flat and stacked in panels which reduces the freight cost. Fixtures and connection buckles are used during installation on the construction site.

Product Specifications

Material: High-density polyethylene
Colour: Black
Thickness: 1.0mm-1.2mm for smooth 1.5mm-1.7mm for textured 
Cell Depth: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm
Panel size: 2.56m (w) x 8.35m (l)
Texture: Smooth, Textured, Textured perforated
Standards: ASTM
Perforated: Yes

Supplementary Product Range

With a wide range of products to suit your project needs Industrial Plastics can be your turnkey partner from start to finish. Being able to supply HDPE Geomembranes and Geotextiles along with Geocells ensures product conformity throughout.  

Why use HDPE Geocells

  • Light material, resistant to wear, withstand highly acidic and alkalis environments, applicable to different soil types.
  • Flexible to fold during transportation and easy installation
  • High carrying capacity and good dynamic performance and high erosion ability
  • Geocells offer a green solution that adds sustainability to infrastructure products by reducing the amount of infill needed to reinforce load support applications which in turn reduces the pollution and carbon footprint.
  • Increased urbanisation across Australia and more contractors moving towards sustainable and economic ways of implementing projects can drive the usage of geocells in the construction sector pertaining to lateral and vertical containment, soil erosion control. 


Rail and Roads

  • Erosion control and slope protection
  • Load support and ground stabilisation
  • Bridges approaches, crossings
  • Channel protection and embankment
  • Civil and Landscaping- Ground improvement
  • Gravity retaining walls and Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) walls
  • Rail track stabilisation

Ports and Aviation

  • Access roads
  • Work platforms


  • Geomembrane protection
  • Stormwater channels
  • Channel lining


  • Slope protection
  • Channel armouring
  • Dam Construction
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Geocell Brochure

Please see our Geocell brochure for more information.

Geocell Brochure

Further Information

To find out more about our range of Geocells offered or for any technical assistance please contact our technical sales team via email: [email protected] or telephone 1300 465 888.

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