What is Industrial Plastics™ capable of?

Our production capabilities cover a broad spectrum within our two specialist divisions:

Industrial Fabrication

We produce a vast variety of items and components using plastics such as PE100, PP, PVC-u, CPVC, PVDF, Acetyl and Nylon.

Commercial Fabrication

Diverse components and items are made using plastics such as Acrylic, Polycarbonate, HIPs and ABS.

CapabilitiesIndustrial Plastics’ reputation for being project capable has evolved over the 45+ years it has operated in Brisbane.

We value and commit time to ongoing research — with the aim of continually improving our expertise and efficiencies. As a result of this research, we have also developed and grown a broad and skilled local and international knowledge base of professional contacts – a great resource we can call upon when additional external collaboration is required.

Technical advisory and design staff hold a range of qualifications and previous relevant experience, including:

  • Decades of experience in commercial building company ownership – supplying to government, educational and other commercial interests (including troubleshooting hands-on role, as well as project management).
  • Completed degree level tertiary qualifications in Industrial Design and Engineering.
  • Experience and training in 2D and 3D drafting in an engineering environment.
  • Completed Engineering trade level qualifications.
  • Ongoing external and internal training in Polymers and Fabrication.

Industrial Plastics’ production employees include qualified and experienced tradesmen from the following fields:

  • Plastic Fabrication (QLD trade)
  • Engineering
  • Boiler-making
  • Carpentry
  • Cabinet making and Furniture making

CapabilitiesIn addition, production staff have undertaken specialised training relating to plastic welding and fabrication via the industry specific RTO in Brisbane1, as well as through the completion of our own extensive, enterprise-based, theoretical training package. Key production staff members have also undertaken trade instruction from visiting German DVS2 technical trainers.

Our production staff is engaged in an enormously varied product supply role. They use the full gamut of plastic fabrication techniques, materials and welding and joining methods on a full-time basis, and they take great pride in the high quality work that they complete.

For additional information on our facility, equipment and examples of previous projects, please download our comprehensive IDP Capability Statement.

1. Plastics and Rubber Technical Education Centre (PARTEC)
2. Deitscher Verband Fur Sxhweissend Und Verwandte Verfahren E.V. (German Welding Society – Thermoplastics).

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