When an industrial hazard caused by moving parts on machinery cannot be controlled by elimination or substitution, a machine guard is used to protect personnel from the hazard. 

Machine guards provide a physical barrier of protection to isolate the hazard.  This minimises the exposure to dangerous areas of machinery and can control machine hazards such as contact or entanglement with machinery and being struck by ejected parts or broken tooling. 

Polycarbonate Machine guard

Industrial plastics is capable of designing and manufacturing machine guards from Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Clear PVC. Our skilled team of Engineers can design machine guards to fit existing machinery or fabricate custom guards based on designs.

Technicians and workshop supervisors should be aware of the machine’s hazards and select guards based on the objective that needs to be achieved. Machine guards are used to achieve a variety of goals, including impact resistance, splash resistance, contamination avoidance, and display protection.

Based on the requirements of the client, Industrial plastics can provide technical expertise in selecting the right material and design for the guards and provide recommendations on the fasteners location to derive maximum impact resistance from the guards.

Polycarbonate Machine guards 

Why Clear Polycarbonate? 

While different transparent plastic sheets can be utilised for construction, clear polycarbonate is by far the most popular due to the following characteristics: 

  • High impact and temperature resistance
  • Optical clarity
  • Close tolerance machinability
  • Flexibility in fabrication

We use an abrasion resistant polycarbonate for fabrication where frequent cleaning is necessary, such as products used in the food industry. Polycarbonate is available in varying tints to suit client requirements. 

Why choose us?

Workplace health and safety regulations require concerned businesses or undertakings to comply with the safety act and introduce measures to manage risk associated with the use of machinery. 

Industrial Plastics recognises the importance of these machine guards in reducing workplace risks and improving safety, so the highest level of technological expertise is utilised in design and fabrication stages. Our engineers, drafters, and fabricators will ensure that the guards we design meet workplace health and safety legislation as well as Australian design standards AS 4024 Safety of machinery.

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