Our plastic fabrications serve a variety of applications and industries.

Plastic FabricationWe have been providing plastic fabrication solutions for over fifty years. Whether you need custom fabrications or mass-produced products, we have the expertise and capability to meet your business’ needs. Industrial Plastics work with our customers to provide high quality, long-lasting plastic solutions. Our fabrications serve a variety of applications and industries, including:

  • Industrial – Industrial Plastics has a successful history of fabricating reliable plastic products. Industries use our products because of its functionality, price and chemical resistance. Our plastic fabrication makes it easy to keep your project operations on-target while providing your customers with the products they need.
  • Custom – Do you have a design idea that requires specific plastic product creation? Industrial Plastics has an experienced design and fabrication team ready to create any custom product. This is achieved through working with our customers from concept to creation.
  • Commercial – Industrial Plastics has serviced many commercial projects and fabricated hundreds of custom products. We offer this fabrication in acrylic, polycarbonate and HDPE for commercial use, but please contact us if you require different material. We have experience in creating furniture components, display boxes as well as 3-D art.
  • Marine – Because of our investment in the latest fabrication technology, Industrial Plastics is able to create high-quality marine plastic products and solutions. Advantages of plastic marine products are its UV resistance, durability, weight and versatility.

Whatever your plastic fabrication needs may be, you can rely on Industrial Plastics to deliver. Contact us today to talk with one of our qualified technical advisory and design staff members.

Plastic Fabrication

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