Industrial Plastics recently fabricated some beautiful custom plastic machine guards for a mining customer. These guards were fabricated using 6mm and 10mm yellow HDPE sheet. Since the guards were very large, the production team had to fabricate the pieces rather than using another process like thermoforming. You can see from the pictures that these custom plastic machine guards were designed to be disassembled and reassembled around the machine for easy installation and maintenance. Plastic machine guards are one of our specialties and we can fabricate almost any design for almost any industrial machinery or process –whether it is a replacement of a hard-to-get spare or an entirely new design.

plastic machine guard

Technicians and workshop supervisors should be aware of the machine’s hazards and select guards based on the objective that needs to be achieved. Plastic machine guards are used to achieve a variety of goals, including impact resistance, splash resistance, contamination avoidance and display protection.

Based on client requirements, Industrial Plastics can provide technical expertise in selecting the right material and design for the guards and provide recommendations on the fasteners location to derive maximum impact resistance from the guards.

plastic machine guard

plastic machine guard plastic machine guard

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Workplace health and safety regulations require concerned businesses or undertakings to comply with the safety act and introduce measures to manage risk associated with the use of machinery. 

Industrial Plastics recognises the importance of these plastic machine guards in reducing workplace risks and improving safety, so the highest level of technological expertise is utilised in design and fabrication stages. Our engineers, drafters, and fabricators will ensure that the guards we design meet workplace health and safety legislation as well as Australian design standards AS 4024 Safety of machinery.

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