Industrial Plastics recently completed a 45m3 HDPE rectangular tank project for a multinational energy company. As a thoroughly rewarding project, the job required all of our experience, capabilities and skill in plastic fabrication to successfully deliver the end product to the satisfied customer. The project can be categorised into four key stages – Design, Fabrication, Testing and Delivery. 



The Industrial Plastics design team oversaw the design, verification and 3D modelling of the finished product. This detailed process showed the customer the necessary specifications as well as the products in service longevity. A detailed QA (Quality Assurance) process was conducted to ensure the documentation of safety, legality and performance of the product was at the highest possible level. This included, but was not limited to the final MDR (Manufacturer’s Data Report), ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) and other relevant certifications and procedures.


The tank size was 7800mm Long x 2510mm Wide x 2685mm High (internally) and mostly used 20-30mm thick HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). A baffle system was implemented to enhance the structural strength with 8 internal unimpeded compartments. The tank also included 3 x box section steel frames encased in HDPE, a top manway, 7 x nozzles – some with gusseting plates (CNC cut and welded to stub flanges), and additional connecting HDPE piping for a true plug n play package. The tank featured 6 x high strength lifting lugs (4 x standard lift, 6 to assist with the SWL test), 8 x anchoring feet and a nameplate. With the tank requiring many custom features with high attention to detail, the fabrication process was completed in under five weeks.


As part of the QA process, comprehensive testing and certification was required. The tank was hydrostatically tested and certified at our production facility. Hydrostatic testing is a common procedure used to test tanks for structural strength (deflection measurements) and leaks. A SWL (Safe Working Load) test was also completed and certified on-site. The test required the tank to be lifted by a crane with 50% of its weight of water inside of it. The tank was then held for 5 minutes to check for leaks and lifting lug integrity before and after the test.



Delivering a 45m3 rectangular tank requires an experienced logistical team. Industrial Plastics utilised a movable crane, a suitable truck and forklifts to move the tank from our production site onto the carrying truck. The truck then delivered the tank ready for integration to the customer’s site in Western Australia. 


We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, long-lasting plastic solutions for our customers. For more information about our tank capabilities, please contact us via [email protected] or call 1300 465 888.

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