Plastic Marine FabricationIndustrial Plastics™ has a close association with the marine industry, both through being a preferred supplier to many marine businesses and through staff involvement as avid sailors.

The versatility and wide tolerance of potentially extreme climatic conditions in Australia and around the world means that modern plastics have a large part to play in the marine environment.

Benefits of marine plastics fabrication can include:

  • UV resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Light weight associated with strength
  • High clarity and impact resistance (boat windows/hatches)
  • Hard wearing / Self Lubricating components
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Versatility

Industrial Plastics™ is well known for the quality of our custom marine holding tanks – we go the extra mile during the marine plastics fabrication process to ensure generous wall thickness, adequate structural baffles, quality welding to German technical codes, high voltage and hydrostatic leak testing and options for inclusion of inspection and cleaning ports, and much more tolerable option for inspection than opening the tank.

On a more pleasant note; Industrial Plastics™ has also, for many years, provided the boating enthusiast with a means of “giving a boat a facelift,” through the replacement of boat windows and hatch panels in high-grade acrylic (commonly generically called perspex) or polycarbonate (often referred to as Lexan).

Available in optical clarity clear or tint choices, replacement panels can be simply cut using old windows or hatches as templates to create exact replicas, or from measurements or using cardboard templates as provided by the customer. We finish our acrylic components with a beautiful polish to make them as sleek and beautiful as possible.

Apart from clear, translucent and tinted acrylic and polycarbonates, there are numerous opportunities to improve your boat using marine plastics fabrication, such as high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, Acetal, Foam PVC, nylon, etc. These materials can be used in the fabrication of tanks, wear pads, decking, and much more.

Once you start to use plastic on your boat you will see the potential to further utilize it for its sleek look and maintenance-free benefits everywhere!

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