custom plastic cuttingFor simple or complex needs, Industrial Plastics™ can be your one-stop shop for custom plastic cutting. We hold a great range of stock of both industrial and commercial plastic sheet, rod and tube.

Digital cutting files can be utilised for high accuracy component cutting on CNC routers, laser cutters, and CNC Beam Saws.  We can work with you to draft files, or we can convert existing 2D or 3D drawing files to our required formats where necessary. Our qualified industrial design staff and technical advisors will do their best to ensure optimal outcome and yield.

We supply custom cut components for many businesses, including schools, hospitals, grocery stores, government departments, and individuals. Confidentiality is assured, and our investment in technology ensures FAST results for your custom plastic cutting project. Reverse-engineered components can provide an economical option for parts repair or replacement.

For simple cut-to-size requests, we may be able to cut while you wait, or you can email, phone or fax through requirements and collect later; or allow us to arrange dispatch to you.

Additional processing, such as radius corners, drilled holes, rebates, polished edges, etc. are all possible with a couple days lead time.

In addition to our custom plastic cutting service, we also supply sundries such as a variety of solvent glues, polish and project items, such as acrylic latches, hinges, knobs, etc.

If you have a custom plastic cutting job, contact us now for a quote!

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