Supermarket & Retail Store Replacement Parts

Industrial Plastics has just released the latest version of the Aftermarket Plastic Parts Catalogue. We work closely with retail store technicians and facility management personnel to bring a range of services and products for supermarket and retail store use.

Our capabilities allow us to supply standard replacement parts for popular brands such as Hussmann, Kysor Warren, Heatcraft, Baine Marie, Mc Alpine & Austral. Industrial Plastics also offer custom fabricated solutions for one-off products and large runs.

Our technical team are ready to provide plastic solutions to any replacement parts made from glass, composites, engineering-grade plastics or any other typical materials that plastics can substitute.

Common supermarket replacement parts include:

Sliding Doors and Lids

Supermarket & Retail Store Replacement PartsWhether it be Deli Doors, Meat Cases, Freezer Lids or Bakery Boxes; Industrial Plastics can provide replacement parts for any of your pre-existing cabinets, cases or freezers.

Made from Acrylic (cold environment use) or Polycarbonate (warm environment use) we can supply a range of thickness and customisation options.

Our capabilities allow for easy replication of standard Hussmann, Kysor Warren, Heatcraft, Baine Marie, Mc Alpine & Austral parts or to produce improved designs to fit the same application.




Industrial Plastics provides a number of standard dividers for supermarket and retail use. Commonly we produce Deli Case Dividers (XD12), Freezer Dividers (LV5H-1), Kysor Warren M3 Divider (KWM3),  Meat Case Divider, System Divider and Produce Divider Shelves.

Not only can we replicate existing Hussmann, Kysor Warren, Heatcraft, Baine Marie, Mc Alpine & Austral designs but also custom-make dividers to suit any application.

Guards & Barriers

Supermarket & Retail Store Replacement Parts


Another supermarket replacement product that we commonly produce is guards and barriers. Common parts include Breeze Guards (XM20), Hussman RHR Barriers, Meat case Guard (M4 Meat Case Guard), Kysor Warren D6L Guard and Sneeze Guards.

Industrial Plastics is here to handle all your standard part replacement and custom part requirements. Our technical and design team are always willing to assist in any part of the design process. All of our products are of excellent quality and are competitively priced.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.

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