Yet again, Industrial Plastics have expanded to new areas of expertise. We have recently developed HDPE fish baffles for an environmentally conscious project. 

What are fish baffles?

Below our feet, there is a huge network of pipes and sewers transporting water. They are often placed under roads or railways in excavated trenches. These are called culverts, and what’s particular about them is that they also connect habitats for a variety of fish species. 

The movement of water across the culverts offers a convenient passage for fish in their journey to reproduce. But the depth and velocity fluctuations can create obstructions. To prevent that, HDPE fish baffles are welded to the pipe’s liner to improve the culvert’s conditions and assist fish migration. Furthermore, fish can find shelter from predators between the baffles during low flow, as small pools of standing water are formed. When the flow is high and rapid, the HDPE fish baffles slow down the current and generate resting areas. 

Fish Baffles


HDPE is undoubtedly the perfect material for this kind of application. First, HDPE plastic is quickly and easily molded into just about any shape. This is extremely convenient as the fabrication of HDPE fish baffles can take a broad range of configurations depending on each project’s environmental requirements. Second, the high resistance of HDPE to weather and impact guarantee durability and thus the safety of the fish’s ecosystem. Last but not least, the malleability and light weight of this plastic allow for the installation of strong fish baffles without compromising on the culvert’s capacity. 

Fish Baffles

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