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At Industrial Plastics we take marine industry supply very seriously. High quality and long lasting products are our way of life, no shortcuts here.

One key area in the marine industry we are renowned for is the supply of fresh water, grey water and black water poly marine tanks. We will take your template or drawing of your custom poly marine tank requirement and you can trust we will make it to a safe problem free heavy duty build. Our custom made poly marine tanks are built with the highest quality HDPE poly ranging in typical thicknesses from 6mm up to 30mm or higher if required. We have the knowledge to supply the right balance of strength and design to ensure you will never have to experience a costly failed poly marine tank. Our poly marine tanks are corrosion free with no risk of electrolysis. Our fresh water poly marine tanks are made from taste free food grade Polyethylene.

Customization is our specialty; we have the flexibility to arrange the poly marine tanks to suit the application like no one else can. Need the poly tanks to fit in to a tight cavity? no problem. Got a complex shape? no problem. Our breathers, baffles, inspection ports, pick up spears and universally adaptable bsp sockets will ensure our connections on your custom marine poly tanks will configure to any situation you have.

Industrial Plastics builds custom marine poly tanks for everyone. From small to large commercial vessels the build quality is always there to give you trouble free long lasting operation. We have the capability to hydro test and pressure test our custom built poly marine tanks. You can be 100% sure there will be no issues when you build them into the vessel, they are there to stay and will remain fully operational.

Contact us now to for a quote or no obligations talk on our trusted custom built poly marine tanks.

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