We are equipped to manufacture and supply sodium hypochlorite tanks for your business.

Does your business routinely use bleach for manufacturing purposes or to clean during normal operations? Do you need adequate storage for your bleach solutions, so you can store and manage your supply more easily? At Industrial Plastics, we are equipped to manufacture and supply sodium hypochlorite tanks for your business if you are in need of industrial-grade plastic tanks that will help you properly store and secure this chemical compound.

While bleach has a variety of uses from cleaning to manufacturing, what is more important is proper storage of this chemical solution. Having the right sodium hypochlorite tanks will ensure that you get the most from your bleach solution while also preventing possible hazards. Our sodium hypochlorite tanks are designed to prevent UV infiltration, reduce decomposition, and prevent breakdowns of bleach and the holding tanks themselves. Our high-quality plastics are the perfect solution whether you need temporary storage for a specific purpose or you use sodium hypochlorite routinely at your business.

At Industrial Plastics, we continually invest in innovation and are committed to using the latest production technology to supply quality plastics to businesses. Our experienced team is always looking for the best ways to provide high-quality plastic supplies, and our custom cutting service provides businesses with the plastics they need for a variety of applications. We work to deliver your products on time and on budget, and our customer service is backed by our ISO 9001 accreditation, ensuring, reliability, accountability, consistency and quality. If you have questions about our sodium hypochlorite tanks or would like to place an order for your business, please contact us today.

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