heavy-duty hdpe pipe

Here are a couple of sections of 60mm wall thickness heavy-duty HDPE pipe we are using to fabricate a pipe spool for a mining customer.

A pipe spool is a prefabricated component of a piping system which usually includes pipes, flanges, and fittings.  These components are all fused together in the factory so they can be delivered pre-mounted to the construction site, in this case, a mine, and be simply hoisted into place and connected.

As you can see, this stuff is really thick and exceptionally heavy.  It will handle not only high temperatures and pressure but also a harsh chemical product on the interior and an exposed UV environment on the outside at the mine site.

This is just one example of the broad spectrum of industrial plastic fabrication projects we undertake at Industrial Plastics.

You can see just a small subset of our reference projects here on our site.

If you require heavy-duty HDP pipe for your industrial application, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

heavy-duty hdpe pipe

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