Industrial Plastics has now released its first-ever product catalogue! As a custom fabrication expert, it has been difficult to standardise our product range. However, with some hard work, we have developed a catalogue that conveys our capabilities, which we hope acts as a starting point for your next project.

Something that perhaps we didn’t expect when we took over this business many years ago was to work on such a broad variety of projects. Fabricating and delivering products for industries in Australia such as mining, pharmaceuticals and agriculture to name a few, has been both fascinating and challenging. As a result, our team has gained versatility beyond limits, supported by advances in technology that open infinite horizons in the world of plastics. 

The purpose of our new product catalogue is to share our collection of capabilities through past projects. In saying this, there are uncountable customisation possibilities that our knowledgeable staff can deliver beyond this catalogue. But at least you will be able to see a snippet of our extensive portfolio, including designs, materials and applications. Click on the cover page below to view the Industrial Plastics Product Catalogue.

Industrial Plastics Product Catalogue
Product Catalogue

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At Industrial Plastics, we are determined to innovate our approach to fabrication by employing the most efficient technology, guaranteeing we make the highest quality plastic products available. Our experienced team is always searching for ways to improve customisability through our advanced machinery and process knowledge. We understand how imperative plastic fabrication is to many businesses. Backed by our ISO9001 accreditation, you can put trust in Industrial Plastics fabrication. For more information on the Industrial Plastics’ 2022 Product Catalogue or If you are in the market for your own custom plastic project for commercial or industrial applications, contact us via [email protected] or call 1300 465 888. 

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