At Industrial Plastics we fabricate wide range of plastic parts for metal replacement. The range of plastics we have available allow for us to not only replicate failed metal parts but also improve on the design. When considering metal replacement, plastic alternatives can provide such qualities as:

  • High Wear Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • No Water Absorption
  • High/Low Temperature Stability
  • Better Weight Properties

Industrial Plastics has taken on many projects involving metal replacement, some of which can be found below.

Metal Replacement

PVC Skimmer Basket

These strainer baskets were fabricated from PVC due to the previous metal counterparts being affected by the chlorine in the pool water. PVC has a great chemical resistance and was a suitable metal replacement for this application.

These grain funnels transport hot grain all day long for the production of Weetbix. These fabricated Polypropylene cones provide a heat stable solution that is food grade compliant and offers great abrasion resistance. This material significantly outlasts the previous stainless steel models.

Polyethylene is a common metal replacement and is often used in a variety of applications. Due to polyethylene’s high chemical resistance and its ability to absorb no water, it is a fitting material you use when replacing rusted metal. From big tanks to small pipe fittings, polyethylene is one of Industrial Plastics most used products and often proves to be a far superior metal replacement.

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