Acid containment and storage can present many challenges. At Industrial Plastics we have the knowledge and capability to provide solutions for all your acid containment needs.

Acids are used as raw materials and processing agents in water treatment, chemical, steel and petroleum production, cleaning products, pharmaceutical and food processing, agriculture and many more industrial and manufacturing applications.

The characteristics of acids that make them such an invaluable part of modern day industry can also make them challenging to store, transport and handle.

Most acids easily attack and corrode steel and concrete. Traditionally, acid containment is achieved by using expensive stainless steels and other high grade alloys and coatings to prolong the life of equipment in contact with strong acids. Despite the additional expense, acidic attack still occurs and these materials still fail over time.

Advances in polymer technology provide a range of plastic options that are resistant to even the most aggressive acids.

In addition to chemical and corrosion resistance, plastics also provide the benefits of being lightweight, low maintenance and easy to clean. Plastics are therefore versatile options for acid containment, including tanks, bunds, pipes, liners, piping racks and splash guards.

At Industrial Plastics, we continually invest in innovation and are committed to using the latest production technology to supply quality plastics products. If acids are causing you angst, contact our experienced design and engineering team to discuss custom plastic solutions to suit your individual requirements and manage your acid containment.

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