Phosphoric acid is used to make fertilisers, detergents and household cleaners. It is corrosive and contact with metal can cause dangerous reactions. Safe storage for this compound is paramount. Industrial Plastics fabricate tanks specifically designed to store phosphoric acid. We fabricate our tanks to best suit your application by building to your specifications and adding the features you need.

Phosphoric acid tank

Industrial Plastics recently fabricated and supplied a phosphoric acid tank for a client in the agricultural industry. This was quite a complex build and required an array of testing to make sure it was ready for our client’s use. The specifications for this tank are below;

  • Cylindrical Tank – 30 KL Volume
  • Material: HDPE Black PE 100
  • Medium: Phosphoric Acid SG 1.6
  • Approx Size: 3500mm Dia x 4000mm High
  • Thicknesses: 25mm Base, 40mm + 20mm Cylinder, 25mm Roof
  • Conical Roof with 500mm Manhole
  • Nozzles, Stub Flanges with Table D SS B/Rs: (x2) DN100 (Size 110 OD), (x1) 2” BSP Socket
  • Double elbow breather on Roof
  • (x1) Overflow with pipe brackets
  • (x1) Sight Glass with Valve
  • (x4) Lifting Lugs

Why use HDPE for Phosphoric Acid Tanks?

HDPE often goes under the radar, but its properties make it a super-plastic. High-density polyethylene is a thermoplastic made from petroleum that is mass produced in sheet form. HDPE is extremely resilient against high temperatures and heavy impact, and will never rot or corrode, unlike wood or metal. It is a perfect material for larger fabrications like tanks seeing it is both lightweight and easy to join together. HDPE welding is used for all HDPE products which involves heat treating each piece and fusing them together. For many tank applications, HDPE is the superior material.

Phosphoric acid tank

At Industrial Plastics, we are determined to innovate our approach to fabrication by employing the most efficient technology, guaranteeing we make the highest quality plastic products available. Our experienced team is always searching for ways to improve customizability through our advanced machinery and process knowledge.

We understand how imperative plastic fabrication is to many businesses. Backed by our ISO 9001 accreditation, you can put trust in Industrial Plastics fabrication. If you are in the market for your own phosphoric acid tank, contact us via [email protected] or call 1300 465 888. 

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