Humans have been working with glass for centuries. Acrylic however, a form of plastic developed over the last fifty years, is quickly replacing glass in all sorts of products. If you’re in the market for traditional glass products like windowpanes or custom structures, as seen here, there are six big reasons to choose acrylic instead. These six advantages of acrylic over glass will save you time and money.

Acrylic sheet

1. Lower Weight

One of the biggest advantages that acrylic has over glass is how light it is. Acrylic weighs about 1,150 kilograms per cubic meter, while glass can weigh up to 2,800 kilograms per cubic meters, more than twice as much.

The difference in density also makes acrylic much more versatile. Its low light makes it easier to move and install larger objects like tanks or bins and reduces transportation costs. That means you’ll save money on your next order if you choose acrylic for your project. 

2. Impact Resistance

Everyone has experienced glass breaking and the clean up required after due to the glass shattering and sending razor-sharp shards flying everywhere. Acrylic doesn’t have that problem. Only an extremely powerful impact is capable of breaking a sheet of acrylic, making it a great option for windows or panels.

3. Adaptability

While it’s difficult to get glass to conform to the desired shape, acrylic is very easy to mold and manipulate. Although glass can be manipulated at very high temperatures, it loses heat and solidifies quickly. That quality makes it harder to manufacture fine glass products.

Acrylic is much more adaptable. It cools down more slowly, allowing manufacturers to create customized acrylic products with pinpoint-precision. That’s a great advantage if you’re looking for any kind of product that requires a high level of detail.

Acrylic sheet

4. Heat Conductivity

Acrylic has another big advantage over glass: it doesn’t conduct heat very well. It provides insulation by reducing temperature flux from outside. That means that acrylic windows can help cut your energy costs. According to studies, acrylic windows are about 30 percent more energy-efficient than glass, allowing for big savings on the monthly power bill.

5. Transparency

While glass is traditionally used in optical devices, you might be surprised to learn that acrylic is a superior material. In terms of clarity and light transmission, both glass and acrylic are even. But as glass gains thickness, it loses clarity and starts blocking the light. Acrylic, on the other hand, still maintains its transparency when cut into thicker sheets. 

6. Cost-effectiveness

To reduce the fragility of glass, you would spend more money on making it thicker, but that won’t guarantee it won’t shatter. On the other hand, even a thin acrylic panel is very tough with a long lifespan. Plus, acrylic sheets are weather and UV resistant, not losing their condition as time goes by. 

This, combined with its resistance to impact and heat, makes acrylic more durable than glass. Durability translates to lower overall costs, including production, installation, maintenance and replacement. Acrylic is also highly recyclable, because it retains its properties in extreme temperatures and the materials do not degrade. Make sure to choose acrylic products for your next order.

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