Industrial Plastics fabricated a urea storage tank for a recent client in the agricultural industry. Liquid urea is used in the process of creating fertiliser as it contains high concentrations of nitrogen. Liquid urea comes in many different densities which impacts the construction and requirements for its storage tank.

urea storage tank being loaded onto truck for transportation

The client stated that their urea density is 1110kg/m3 and their current tank rated to this weight has started splitting at the welds. With Industrial Plastics’ rigorous testing procedures and process controls, we guaranteed the new urea storage tank would be perfectly suited to his requirements. The tank was fabricated to the following;


  • 40 kL Cylindrical Urea Storage Tank, Conical Roof with Flat Base
  • Tank Solution: Urea SG 1.11
  • Tank Material: Black HDPE PE 100
  • Tank Size: 3050mm Dia I/D x 5925mm high (dimensions exclude fittings)
  • Material Thicknesses:
    – Tank Walls: 30mm thick (Bottom Section) + 15mm thick (top section)
    – Tank Base: 20mm thick, Base 20mm thick


  • 1 x 600 Manway (Cylinder) 1500mm Up
  • 1 x 600 Manway (Roof)
  • 2 x 63 Stub Flanges with Galv Backing Rings
  • 3 x 90 Stub flange with Galv Backing Ring
  • 1 x 63 Vent with Anti-Vermin
  • 1 x 110 Overflow with Pipe and Brackets
  • 2 x 3/4” BSP sockets
  • 2 x Lifting Lugs.
  • 4 x Hold Down Feet


Why use HDPE for Urea Storage Tanks? 

HDPE is lightweight, durable, highly chemical resistant and has a long life span. These attributes are essential for any storage tank, especially when holding chemical substances. HDPE butt fusion welding is what connects each piece of the tank together. This is proven to be an extremely effective technique that is not prone to deterioration over time.

Urea storage tank

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