Industrial Plastics are renowned for moulding and shaping plastics. Fresh out of the oven is our most recent project, an insulated hot water tank for an Australian bakery.

Insulated Hot Water Tank for a Bakery

What are Insulated Hot Water Tanks? 

An insulated hot water tank is a large tank built for the storage of heated water. In this instance, the liquid is dispensed for the production of baked goods and the washing of equipment. The insulating component is crucial to ensure a constant temperature is maintained throughout the entire baking process.

The peculiarity of these tanks is their capacity to withstand and maintain heat. The double layer optimises the tank’s performance, allowing you to minimise energy consumption and thus reduce costs. 

This insulated hot water tank was aimed to store water at 65 degrees. With that in mind, it was made as per the following specifications (we can customise yours to suit your needs): 

  • Holding Volume: 10 KL
  • Inner core: PP- Grey
  • Insulation: PE 30 50mm foam
  • Cladding: Black HDPE UV stable 6mm thick
  • Medium: Hot Water (65°C)
  • Approx Size: 2290mm ID x 3303mm High
  • Approx weight: 450kgs
  • Roof (t): 12mm
  • Base (t): 10mm
  • Cylinder thicknesses: 12mm
  • Insulation: Full body (Roof + Base + Wall)
  • Cladding: 6mm Black HDPE for (Base + Walls + Roof)

Making the inner layer out of Polypropylene Plastic (PP), a flexible thermoplastic polymer that guarantees high heat and fatigue resistance. This will extend the life of your tank from the inside. The outer cladding made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), another thermoplastic polymer (popular among water tanks), offers impact resistance, weatherability and UV resistance for a greater lifespan on the outside as well. Finally, a middle layer of foam provides the insulating element. 

What are these tanks used for? 

Besides bakeries and other food manufacturers, an insulated hot water tank is an essential element in other commercial and industrial applications, including but not limited to: 

  • Butchers
  • Hotels
  • Laundries (both commercial and industrial)
  • Server cooling facilities
  • Dairies

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