When it comes to liquid storage, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) tanks and more specifically, HDPE Self-Bunded Liquid Containment Vessels have emerged as a pinnacle of durability and reliability.

HDPE Self-Bunded Liquid Containment Vessels

Designed for demanding environments, the 12,000-litre (12kl) HDPE tanks manufactured and supplied by Industrial Plastics Pty Ltd stand as a testament to innovation and functionality, especially in the unforgiving conditions of Australian mine sites.

At the core of these tanks lies their self-bunded design, a robust double-wall construction that ensures an additional layer of protection. This design feature not only enhances the structural integrity but also guarantees secure containment, crucial for handling various liquids in the challenging settings of mine sites.

Facilitating efficient and secure liquid transfer, these tanks are equipped with an Inlet Camlock so that delivery trucks can easily drive up and hook up, streamlining the filling process and optimising operational productivity. Complementing this system are inlets and outlets equipped with lockable ball valves, providing added control and security over the flow of liquids in and out of the tank.

Furthermore, these tanks boast full UV resistance, a critical attribute for enduring the harsh Australian climate. The inclusion of dual sight glasses—one for the main tank and another for the bund—provides visual monitoring, ensuring easy inspection of liquid levels and additional safety measures for both the primary and secondary containment areas. Four hold-down feet ensure the tank can be firmly and safely anchored for a complete plug and play solution.

HDPE Self-Bunded Liquid Containment Vessels

Industrial Plastic’s dedication to crafting solutions for challenging environments shines through in these 12,000-litre HDPE tanks. Their commitment to quality and functionality resonates in every aspect of these tanks’ design, specifically engineered to meet the stringent demands of Australian mining operations.

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