hdpe geomembrane pond liners

We use High-Density Polyethylene HDPE Geomembrane Pond Liners to create waterproof or impermeable barriers for ponds, dams, farms, and industrial sites. 

The process involves rolling out large sheets of usually 1-2 mm HDPE and welding the edges together to form one large, impermeable barrier that will keep water, slurry, or another material from leaking out. This can be either for water retention or for chemical containment depending on the application. It is resistant to various numbers and combinations of chemicals. 

hdpe geomembrane pond liners

HDPE Geomembrane Applications

  • Landscape ponds
  • Agricultural dam linings
  • Mining slurry ponds
  • Landfill waterproofing
  • Manure lagoons
hdpe geomembrane pond liners


Pond liners made of HDPE geomembrane have significant advantages for a variety of uses. The first benefit is their superior impermeability, which stops water leakage and seepage and keeps the water levels in ponds, reservoirs, and containment systems stable. Second, because of their strong chemical resistance, which guarantees resistance to corrosion and deterioration, they can be used to store hazardous items, wastewater, and chemicals. Additionally, HDPE geomembranes are incredibly durable and can tolerate adverse weather, UV rays, and mechanical stress. Their adaptation to uneven surfaces and ease of installation are made possible by their flexibility and elongation qualities. Additionally, because HDPE liners are recyclable and do not endanger aquatic life, they are environmentally benign. In general, these pond liners offer affordable and long-lasting options for water management and environmental defence.

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