Plastic grating has many purposes in industry, but sometimes it seems impossible to get that niche type of plastic grating you might be looking for. Industrial plastics has got you covered. Industrial Plastics has the ability to provide custom plastics design for grating in virtually any configuration you can think of, we can produce almost any size, thickness and aperture with added benefits of chemical and corrosion resistance.

custom plastics

Variety of Options for Custom Plastics

We have a selection of polymers to choose from that can be considered for a wide range of duty’s, consider the robust properties of HDPE, the high chemical resistance of PVC, the great appearance of acrylic or strong and transparent nature of Polycarbonate for your next project. The most common type of plastic grating is FRP Grating, it is produced in almost the same pattern by all manufacturers, but unlike that product, we are not limited to a standard pattern, with CNC precision cutting we can fabricate custom plastic grating to any hatch or shape that might be needed for the task.

Industrial Plastics uses custom grating to great effect on larger structures where extra reinforcing is required to support the service sheet. As we are experts in bonding plastic materials we use custom plastic grating regularly in projects as sub-floors, see the below example.

custom plastics

Finding a plastics company that can produce and supply the custom plastics you need may be a challenge. At Industrial Plastics, we have been producing and supplying industrial plastic products since 1971, offering a wide range of options for businesses that need specialised solutions.

If you have questions about our custom plastics, would like to place an order, or have a special request, please contact us at Industrial Plastics today for more information. We offer great customer service and reliable delivery of your plastic products, so your business production can continue on schedule.

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