What are Window Bars?

Clear window bars are a transparent security system that is installed on the inside of windows and doors to prevent burglars from breaking in. The bars are made from ultra strong polycarbonate sheets which are highly resistant to bending, cutting, burning and brute force. Vertical bars are spaced evenly across the opening to maximise the strength of the security system, with horizontal support bars to provide extra strength and resistance on larger windows. 

Clear Window Bars

Industrial Plastics offers a range of polycarbonate security systems and window bars for commercial and industrial applications. The unique design is an innovative and cheaper alternative to traditional security screens and iron security bars.

Why use Window Bars?

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, the average cost of a non-residential burglary is $4, 500. Therefore it is essential that you protect the contents of your business from criminals. The window bars provide protection against forced entry at a fraction of the cost of other high tech security systems, which are time-consuming and complicated to install. The bars are fully transparent, making your shop front more visually appealing for customers!

Criminal break in without protection from clear window bars

Benefits of Window Bars

  1. Tougher than metal bars – Yes thats right! Polycarbonate is an ultra strong transparent material that is used in bulletproof cars, police riot shields, bank tellers, and aeroplane windows. Therefore it is an effective security system to protect your business.
  2. Requires minimal maintenance – Rust and corrosion free, there is no need to do anything once the window bars are installed.  Simply give them a clean with a wet cloth as required.
  3. Physical barrier of protection – Unlike other security systems like alarms and security cameras, clear window bars actually deter, delay or prevent burglars from breaking in. This helps protect your valuable items, keeping burglars out while security teams or police respond.
  4. Fully transparent – The bars do not block light or visibility through the window or door. This makes them ideal for shop fronts and commercial sites with large glass windows as customers aren’t deterred by the visual impact of other security systems such as security screens and bulky steel burglar bars. 

Window Bar Design and Materials

Industrial Plastics manufactures the window bars using 6mm high strength, polycarbonate material.  Horizontal support bars are strategically spaced on larger windows and doors to ensure maximum strength and protection. The polycarbonate material does not corrode or rust while being extremely durable and resistant to scratch and flames. See here for more on the properties of polycarbonate.

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Window Bar Fitting and Installation

Industrial Plastics designs each security system based on the specific requirements for each customer. The security systems are prefabricated to allow the system to be easily fitted to the existing window or door frame by the existing trades on site, making installation very fast and simple. 


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