Industrial Plastics offers a range of commercial fabrication products including water testing columns often for a university. Our testing columns are made with clear acrylic for the tubing, base, and top to allow for optimal vision inside the column. The water testing columns are primarily used by universities as a teaching tool to see the separation of liquid and other substances. Additionally, this product can and is used within industries where water testing is required for professional or educational purposes. 

Water Testing Column

Why Use Water Testing Columns? 

Traditionally water testing has been described as the various procedures used to analyse water quality in all senses whether that be educational or regulatory. This practice is very important for environmental and health reasons. To aid in these procedures the use of water testing columns are utilised to help determine the response and resistance of a particular material to water intrusion. Through the use of our water testing columns, people can see inside the column to get accurate results for their chosen objective. Without the use of testing columns, reliance is placed on human and/or mechanical measuring. 

Water Testing Column

Water Testing Column Benefits

In comparison to alternatives, Industrial Plastics water testing columns offer a range of benefits including: 

  • Increased visibility inside the column 
  • Material is strong, scratch-resistant, and UV stable 
  • Re-usable – a sustainable alternative
  • Customisable – shape, material, dimensions


An example product order description is: 

  • Clear acrylic tube 200mm OD x 190mm ID x 640mm long 
  • 10mm thick clear acrylic base 250mm dia
  • 10mm thick clear acrylic top 250mm OD x 195mm ID
  • 10mm ID x 25mm long drain tube in the base

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Over the last 50 years, Industrial Plastics have become experts in customer plastic fabrication. This development is supported by our skilled staff who will exceed your expectations by using the latest fabrication methods and ISO quality assured processes. For more information on our water testing columns, please contact us via [email protected] or call 1300 465 888. 

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