As Brisbane’s population density grows, the growth of infrastructure is also important. Industrial plastics recently designed, manufactured, and supplied a three-stage stormwater filtration tank for just this purpose at Hamilton Warf.

HDPE Storm Water Tank

After heavy rainfalls, dirty stormwater in the area will run into the tank through multiple inlets and drop through the first stage filter baskets. This stage will remove any large debris, like garbage, sticks, and leaves. The debris will be collected into a removable catchment compartment for emptying. Next, the water will travel to the second stage, where it passes through a series Stormwater360 cartridges installed under a raised floor. These cartridges trap particles and remove pollutants, such as dissolved metals and hydrocarbons, in the water by running it through scrubbers in the filter. The water will then flow through to the clean water chamber, and exit through the outlet, being released back into the open environment.

HDPE Storm Water Tank

The tank also features two over flow weirs in the case of a storm event. If too much water is rushing into the tank faster then the tank can process it, it will drain the overflow back into the environment.

After fabrication, hydrotesting was completed buy filling the tank to capacity to ensure no leaks. Successful hydrotesting meant it was time for Industrial Plastics to assist with the on site installation of this 30,000L tank. The video below shows the tank being lowered into place by a crane at Hamilton Warf.

If you would like to know more about our tanks or enquire about one for yourself or a project, please contact us. We custom design tanks to suit your purpose, and work with you to make sure the end result is exactly what you need.

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