Security System Analysis

When it comes to protecting your business or commercial site there are a number of security system options available. It is important that you choose the right system for your needs. The two most common types of security systems in Australia are physical barriers to entry such as window bars, security screens and security monitoring systems. This includes products like burglar alarms and surveillance cameras. Our clear, polycarbonate window bars are a cheaper, stronger alternative to traditional products. 

What’s the Difference?

Each security system varies greatly in price, effectiveness and durability. Some of the key factors to consider before choosing a security system are installation and upfront costs, maintenance and suitability for your requirements. Residential security systems for example, typically use security screens and window bars for home invasion and family protection. Businesses and commercial sites often install polycarbonate window bars because it is a more robust security system that protects important inventory and staff. It is also more visually appealing than other alternatives and allows air and sunlight to flow through. 

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Why Would Businesses Choose Clear Window Bars? 

Businesses around the world use clear window bars for a multitude of reasons. These include:

  1. Price – Window bars are cheaper than security screens or burglar bars because of the polycarbonate material
  2. Strength – The bars are actually stronger than their metal alternatives, with better flexibility and durability
  3. Low maintenance – Window bars do not require constant maintenance from rust like other alternatives
  4. Easy to install – The installation of the bars occurs on the inside of the window or door
  5. Aesthetic – Window bars are much less noticeable than iron bars and more visually appealing than window screens

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