Industrial Plastics specialise in custom tanks of all shapes and sizes, a very popular geometry is square and rectangular industrial tanks.

Rectangle tanks vs round tanks

When considering a requirement for limited space storage and processing vessels, a square or rectangle-shaped tank can be the ideal solution. This is particularly useful for indoor installations where space can come at a premium and a round footprint leaves too much un-usable area. Unlike rotational moulding, fabricated plastic tanks can be manufactured in a variety of shapes to suit the requirements of the customer.

Rectangular plastic water tanks 

Why choose Industrial Plastics

Industrial Plastics has the equipment and know-how to make rectangle tank building a breeze. We use industry “best in class” welding equipment and techniques to produce rectangle tanks and customise our fabrications, allowing you to add almost any combination of connection nozzles and inspection ports to get exactly what you want without compromise.

How to order

Arranging a specialised rectangular Industrial Plastics tank is easy. Speak to one of our technical sales team to determine what is required. The standard process will be to provide the medium type (liquid/chemical to be stored in the tank and the molecular weight), operating temperature and location (indoors/outdoors). Industrial Plastics can assess the material type, thickness required and any additional reinforcing that is required given the customers specifications.

Industrial Plastics has decades of tank building experience and knows just how to design and reinforce a tank where required.

rectangular water tank


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