Space and storage are constraints for almost every business, no matter the industry. This is why our team have taken the initiative to adapt our range of tanks to solve this issue. Rectangle tanks are the way to go in terms of optimising the use of limited space. They trump traditional cylindrical storage tanks by utilising a smaller footprint that fits nicely into corners and tight spots. Rectangular tanks are in a league of their own when it comes to storage in factories, workshops, commercial kitchens and even housing. Industrial Plastics design and fabricate these tanks to suit all applications.

rectangular tank in factory
rectangular tank in factory

Above are some photos of a rectangle water tank our team designed and fabricated for a client in the mining sector. The client communicated with our sales team the tank will be transported to a mine site and needed to slot into a one-metre wide gap beside another piece of equipment. This requirement was the basis point for the design and fabrication process. Below are the specifications of the finished product;


Material: HDPE 25mm Black
Size: 2000 L x 1000 W x 2000 H


  • Internal Baffles x 2
  • Top Manway x 2
  • 160 x 2 & 110 x 2 Extended Stub Flanges with Gal B/Rs

rectangular tank on truck for freight

Choice of Material for Rectangle Water Tanks

For the majority of Industrial Plastics tanks, we opt to use HDPE. HDPE is a super strong and chemically-resistant thermoplastic. This material is also lightweight and less expensive than steel to produce and fabricate. These characteristics make HDPE the top choice in material for creating tanks as it ensures a long life span. High-density polyethylene is also used to make agricultural piping, hard hats and fuel tanks.

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Industrial Plastics’ expertise is supported by our skilled staff who will exceed your expectations by using the latest fabrications methods and ISO quality assured processes. For more information on rectangle tanks, please contact us via [email protected] or call 1300 465 888. 

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