Quality Management at Industrial Plastics
“Sodium hydroxide and ammonia tanks manufactured to ISO9001 standards for Leighton Contractors.”

Plastics are a cost-effective material that can be used extensively in the mining industry and its supporting sectors.

Custom fabricated products, including tanks, liners, chutes, downcomers, launders and piping systems, would all be subject to the benefits of plastic, including reduced maintenance, corrosion free properties, high chemical resistance, wear resistance, and durability (impact resistance).

With 45 years’ experience in the plastic fabrication market, Industrial Plastics has a glowing reputation forged through its capability to deliver high-quality products and exceptional service.

The company believes its ISO9001 Quality Management System, which has driven the business every day since 2008, is the secret to its competitiveness in the market.

“At the front end, our customers see a fantastic and often unique product supported by critical data, including manufacturing data records (MDRs), inspection and test plans (ITPs), as-built drawings, and installation and maintenance instructions,” Industrial Plastics director, Scott Miller, said. “But our Quality Management System is so much more than this. Among other things, it drives staff development, occupational health and safety, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement throughout our business streams.”

The Quality Management System had also been a critical ingredient in supporting the company’s current national expansion.

“Opening new branches and being able to engage our new employees via our Quality Management Handbook is invaluable; we love it,” Mr. Miller said.

Industrial Plastics is also proud of its many successful projects in the mining industry, including launders for Xstrata Copper and Xstrata Zinc, large storage tanks for Rio Tinto, a variety of components for Glencore mines, and slurry tanks for Jellinbah Resources.

“Our business benefits from the important role it plays in supporting the ongoing maintenance and preservation of mining assets in addition to capital expenditure projects,” senior sales engineer, Kevin Smerdon, said. “We are always keen to assist in the design phase and provide new options and ideas for mine engineers who have a budget.”

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