Thank you for reading our email. Industrial Plastics supplies a range of products for pontoon construction and piling applications. We stock these products in Newcastle (Sydney) and Pinkenba (Brisbane). Our products can be found below.


Our Industraline range is a HDPE geomembrane that comes in various roll lengths and widths. Thicknesses available include 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 1.5 mm, and 2 mm. Customers use Industraline as a protective layer around pontoon blocks/piles to provide weather protection in wet conditions. It’s better than traditional wood alternatives as it does not decay, meaning the product has a longer service life with little to no maintenance required. 

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For more information see our product page on Industraline.


Industraline Lite is HDPE geomembrane that is manufactured in small rolls to allow it to be installed without the use of lifting machinery. It is ideal for use it in applications that require small quantities or on sites that can not be accessed with heavy lifting machinery.

Pontoon Products

For more information see our product page on our Industraline Lite. 

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