Industrial Plastics stock Polypropylene pipe as an alternative to traditional pipe materials. Commonly known as ‘PP’, Polypropylene pipe has similar properties to HDPE and polyethylene but has higher heat and chemical resistance, and is slightly harder than the alternatives. Given its properties, PP pipe is generally used in drainage systems or for industrial applications. 

Polypropylene Pipe

Why use Polypropylene Pipe? 

Polypropylene plastic is a polyolefin meaning it can be used as an alternative to PVC pipe, which currently holds roughly 80% market share. Industrial Plastics also provides PVC pipe in our HDPE piping systems which have been tested and proven by universities and independent researchers.

However, it is still believed that PP pipe is a better alternative in certain situations and applications. The use of PP pipe in certain situations is due to the composition of the material and in turn pipe that makes it ideal for high temperature, chemically present situations. 


At this point, the largest users of PP pipes are within the industrial sector, particularly for drainage and sewerage applications. That said, common applications include: 

  • Chemical drainage systems
  • Chemical transport 
  • Industrial process 
  • High purity water (hot and cold) distribution
  • Water for space heating (hot and cold) 
  • Gravity sewer systems 
  • Process cooling 

Polypropylene Pipe


PP pipe offers specific benefits that make it ideal for the applications listed above and more. These benefits include: 

  • Low internal roughness – less friction internally 
  • Lightweight yet as strong as alternatives
  • Temperature resistance
  • Resistant to many agents – e.g. sulfuric acid
  • Flame retardant

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