Want to protect your home and business from thieves? Look no further than Industrial Plastics’ polycarbonate window bars – an aesthetic approach to protecting your assets!

Polycarbonate security bars are a super-strong, cheap and sleek alternative to traditional, thick metal security screens which are heavy, ugly and costly. Fastened horizontally across any window or entryway, security bars act as a physical barrier of protection against forced entry. 

security bars added to window

Our security bars are made from high-quality clear polycarbonate, which is cut and polished for a seamless finish. Polycarbonate is extremely durable making it the perfect material for a security system. 

Polycarbonate Security Bars vs Traditional Security Screens

1) Durability

Polycarbonate is a highly impact-resistant, lightweight material with a scratch-proof coating that withstands temperatures over 100 degrees celsius. Metal alternatives are strong but do not compare to polycarbonate considering that a large enough impact from unwanted visitors could likely cause permanent dents and deformation. Polycarbonate is also rust and corrosion-free!

2) Transparency

Polycarbonate is completely transparent, with better light transmission than most glass! This feature is not only great for natural lighting in homes and businesses but is more aesthetic and inviting than prison-looking metal grids. 

3) Cost-effectiveness

Manufacturing polycarbonate is much cheaper than producing woven metal alternatives. This translates to savings in your pocket. Seeing as though Industrial Plastics’ security bars are lightweight and made to customer specifications, installation is a breeze and will save you cash.

Below is an example of Industrial Plastics’ polycarbonate security bars, manufactured for one of our recent clients.

security bars added to multiple windows

Window Bar Fitting and Installation

Industrial Plastics designs each security system based on the specific requirements of each customer. All security bars are prefabricated to allow the system to be easily fitted to the existing window or door frame by the existing trades on site, making installation very fast and simple.

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Industrial Plastics’ expertise is supported by our skilled staff who will exceed your expectations by using the latest fabrications methods and ISO quality assured processes. For more information please contact us via [email protected] or call 1300 465 888. 

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