We are equipped to produce and supply the plastic holding tanks you require in Brisbane.

Plastic Holding Tanks in Brisbane, QLD
At Industrial Plastics, our custom plastic fabricators are equipped to supply our customers in Brisbane, Queensland with a variety of plastic products and services. If you require plastic holding tanks for your own facility production and manufacturing or for other high-impact uses, then our high-quality, durable tanks are an ideal option for you. We are equipped to produce and supply the plastic holding tanks you require, utilising skilled manufacturing and the option for custom plastic fabrication to meet your needs.

At Industrial Plastics, we are able to create plastic holding tanks that meet the needs of a number of industries and for a variety of applications. From commercial manufacturing to marine facilities, we can assist with both large and small operations. We continually invest in innovation and the latest production technology to increase our capability, quality and efficiencies, and we will work with you to fabricate and supply the plastic holding tanks that meet your needs.

You can rely on us at Industrial Plastics for all your commercial plastic fabrication services, including custom and one-off products. Our highly skilled team is committed to the highest quality workmanship and supplying the plastic holding tanks you require on time and on budget while remaining committed to reliability, accountability, consistency and quality.

We have been providing plastic supply and custom cutting services since 1971, and your business will find all of the materials and services needed to ensure success with any operation. If you have questions about our services at Industrial Plastics or you would like to place an order for plastic holding tanks, please contact us today.


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