At Industrial Plastics, we bring over 50 years of expertise in plastic manufacturing to provide you with high-quality, durable solutions for your construction and landscaping needs. One of our standout products is our Plastic Planter Box Liners. Designed to meet the specific requirements of any project.

Plastic Planter Boxes

Why Choose Plastic Planter Box Liners?

Customisable to Any Shape or Size

As a leading custom plastic manufacturer, Industrial Plastics can create planter box liners to suit any shape or size. Whether you need liners for small indoor planters or large outdoor garden beds, we can tailor our products to fit perfectly, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics.

Key Benefits of Plastic Planter Box Liners

  1. Preventing Water Damage and Concrete Cancer
    • Protects Building Structures: Our liners prevent water from seeping into concrete, brick, and masonry surfaces. Which can lead to concrete cancer (alkali-silica reaction). This damage can cause cracks, spalling, and structural integrity issues over time.
    • Stops Mold and Mildew: By preventing moisture penetration, our liners help avoid the growth of mould and mildew on building surfaces, reducing health hazards and costly remediation.
  2. Preserves New Constructions
    • Maintains Building Integrity: In new constructions, our liners ensure that planter beds do not compromise the integrity of newly laid concrete and other building materials.
    • Reduces Maintenance Costs: By preventing water damage from the outset, our liners minimise the need for frequent repairs and maintenance, saving time and money.
  3. Prevents Soil and Fertiliser Stains
    • Keeps Surfaces Clean: Our liners stop soil and fertilisers from leaching out and staining adjacent surfaces, such as walkways, patios, and building facades, maintaining a clean and attractive environment.

Versatile Applications Across Various Settings

Our Plastic Planter Box Liners are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of settings, including:

  • Commercial Spaces: Enhance green spaces in office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, retail stores, event venues, healthcare facilities, and educational campuses.
  • Residential and High-Rise Buildings: Protect gardens, flower beds, vertical gardens, raised planters, indoor planters, rooftop gardens, balcony planters, green walls, sky gardens, and privacy screens.
  • Landscaping Projects: Ideal for urban green spaces, park renovations, roadside plantings, community gardens, botanical gardens, golf courses, residential complexes, corporate campuses, eco-friendly projects, and water management systems.
Planter Box

Unlimited Lifespan and Superior Durability

Furthermore, Industrial Plastics’ planter box liners are fabricated from robust 6mm HDPE. Offering unmatched durability and a limitless lifespan. This certainly ensures that your investment in our liners will provide long-lasting protection and aesthetic benefits for years to come.

Trust Industrial Plastics for Your Planter Box Liner Needs

Choose Industrial Plastics for reliable, custom-made Plastic Planter Box Liners that enhance the longevity and appeal of your construction projects. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help meet your specific requirements.

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