Industrial Plastics protective screens, shields, sneeze guards and PPE are used to serve and protect a multitude of essential industry markets.

What Are Protective Screens, Shields, Sneeze Guards etc.?

In order to ensure safety and stop the transmission of infections, protective screens, shields, sneeze guards, and personal protective equipment (PPE) have become increasingly important. These physical barriers serve as a shield, separating people from potential infection sources. They are frequently utilised in offices, retail locations, public spaces, and healthcare facilities. These safety precautions add another degree of security while reducing the spread of respiratory droplets. They give customers and staff peace of mind in addition to protecting the employees who serve them. These affordable yet powerful instruments are essential for reducing the risk of infection and fostering health and wellbeing in a variety of settings.

Protective Screens Shields Sneeze Guards and PPE

Applications can include:

• Supermarkets
• Reception and waiting room Areas
• Doctor Surgeries and Pharmacies
• Cafe and Restaurants

Protective Screens Shields Sneeze Guards and PPE

Using a variety of fabrication techniques from CNC Routers, beam Saws, line bending and hot air welding we are able to produce high volume bespoke orders to meet urgent requirements and client specifications.

Why use:

• Protect forward facing staff
• High Clarity
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Durable and easy to install

From complex incubators down to flat pack protection screens our technical sales team will be able to assist ensuring essential services are kept running and our communities our protected.

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