molasses tank

We were excited to get these installation pictures of some a new molasses tank from a great customer of ours.  We really enjoy seeing the final product when they are installed on-site.

This custom plastic tanks was fabricated of rugged HDPE PE 100 to stand up to the chemical stresses involved in sugar production.  Is has a conical bottom that allows the mixed material to flow smoothly to the next stage of processing.

At 15,000 litre capacity, this mixing tank has custom-engineered steel support legs in order to handle the weight of all that molasses.

molasses tank

Here is the molasses tank leaving our factory on the trip to Brandon, Queensland up near Townsville.

We have a lot of tanks shipping all over the country so we were able to share the freight with another custom tank going in the same direction.

We always label our new tanks with permanent, CNC-cut plaques that will last for the lifetime of the tank.

We also hydrostatically test most tanks at our factory to make sure they are sound and built to the required standard.

Just Some of Our Customers

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