We recently completed a project to fabricate a large custom diffuser manifold using DN900 PE100 PN16 black polyethelene pipe for an infrastructure project here in Queensland.  

To give it some sense of scale, this grade of plastic pipe weights about 212kg/meter and has a wall thickness of over 80mm.

What is a Diffuser Manifold?

A diffuser manifold is a device that is used in a variety of sectors, most notably in water treatment and wastewater management systems. It is intended to distribute air, gas, or liquid uniformly into a given region or process. The manifold is often composed of an interconnected network of tubes or channels with small holes known as diffusers. These diffusers aid in the dispersal of air or liquid flows, providing uniform distribution across the targeted region. Diffuser manifolds are frequently utilised in applications such as wastewater treatment plant aeration systems, aquaculture systems, chemical processing, and industrial mixing processes. They are critical in these systems for increasing efficiency, optimising performance, and sustaining optimum conditions.


The project required an extra-long semi-trailer to move to the project site at the Gold Coast.

We have not come across an industrial plastic fabrication project that was too large for us and we are pleased that this project could showcase some of our unique capabilities.

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