thermoplastic systemsIndustrial Plastics Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s leading fabrication companies of thermoplastic systems has joined the Plastics Industry Pipe Association (PIPA).

PIPA, the Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia Limited, is the national organisation recognised for industry issues management, standards and the market development of safe and environmentally responsible plastics pipe systems in Australia.  The association provides a single industry voice to represent the plastic pipeline systems industry within Australia.

thermoplastic systems

Established in 1971, Industrial Plastics is Australian owned and recognised as Brisbane’s largest custom plastic fabrication company.  Industrial Plastics is proud to be certified ISO 9001 since 2008.  For more information about Industrial Plastics, please read about us.

Industrial Plastics Pty Ltd will add its weight to the work already being carried out by PIPA ensuring that thermoplastic systems are allowed to play their part in the Australian market.

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