In today’s world, one of the most used plastics is High-Density Polyethylene Plastic, also referred to as HDPE Plastic. HDPE is a thermoplastic meaning it is a polymer that increases in flexibility upon heating and alternatively hardens on cooling. This type of plastic is well-known and preferred over alternative materials due to its strength, weight and ease of shape. Over time, the application and advantages of high-density polyethylene plastic have increased whilst the use of alternatives such as steel, concrete, and other plastics have been left behind. 

high density polyethylene plastic

Why Use High-Density Polyethylene Plastic? 

As briefly mentioned, HDPE plastic is superior to other materials and alternatives due to the extensive benefits it presents in all applications whether it be residential, commercial or industrial. One of the key contributing factors is its ease to manufacture whilst alternatives take substantially more time and resources for effectively less of a product. Similarly, HDPE plastic has high resilience to a lot of things such as heat, impact, and chemicals whilst alternatives such as other plastics are not. From only these two examples it is clear that high-density polyethylene plastic is superior to alternatives for almost any application.


Worldwide, HDPE is used for countless applications and industries because of the benefits associated. Some common applications are: 

  • Piping systems 
  • Fuel tanks
  • Chemical containers
  • Waterbottles
  • Food and drink containers 
  • Insulation
  • Recycling bins

High Density Polyethylene Plastic Benefits

HDPE Plastic Benefits

As this article suggests, high-density polyethylene plastic is superior and used in countless products already. This is supported by a long list of benefits, some of which are: 

  • Strength to density ratio 
    • The linear structure of HDPE demonstrates significantly less branching than alternatives.
    • Resistance & Lifespan
      • HDPE Plastic has a high chemical, weather, and impact resistance in addition to being immune to rust, rotting, insects, mildew, and mould so it can outlast most alternatives 
    • Durability & Weight
      • Well-known for being the best combination of lightweight yet durable. This is why HDPE Plastic is seen in everything from children’s toys to industrial chemical tanks
      • Malleability 
        • Quickly and easily moulded into any reasonable shape so moulding/transforming can occur in a factory/on-site

      • Weatherability 
        • Used in outdoor applications and can withstand some of the most extreme weather
      • Sustainability 
        • Easily recyclable 

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